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EOXS - "Where Steel meets Technology"

    2022-04-24 20:27:55.048Z

    EOXS embodies the philosophy of “Steel Meeting Technology” giving steel business the boost it deserves. EOXS ERP's mission is to empower SMB enterprises on their journey to digital transformation. By delivering business solutions that explain complex problems in a beautifully uncomplicated way. EOXS's ERP is a highly customizable business software solution. That was curated considering the lack of digitalization of steel businesses having great reliance on spreadsheets. It's a business solution having BUILT-IN FLEXIBILITY to scale up. Gives you BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE with real-time analytics, INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY, REDUCE CYCLE TIME and enhances BUSINESS AGILITY with modules like vendor management, sales pipeline, HR, payroll, finance etc. under one cloud-based modern ERP solution.

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