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I can no longer work from home over VPN ?
I can no longer connect to our VPN server and work from home. Today the server suddenly asks me to run a 'Cisco Secure Desktop' trojan, and I've configured OpenConnect to do this (both via a GUI dialog, and the --csd-user command line option to openc...
    GeneralMDFGF262022-05-09 05:47:27.327Z
    How can I convert a number to a string
    I have this code but it doesn't work. const number = 10; const string = number.tostring();
      GeneralPJ32022-06-29 16:00:07.601Z
      I have a problem
      Introduction There is this situation The problem I don't know what to do
        GeneralT52022-06-05 10:01:19.080Z
        Testing forum
        Hey hi... testing forum
          GeneralA12022-06-03 12:23:29.701Z
          GeneralG32022-06-02 18:59:26.107Z
          GeneralPG12022-06-02 18:58:08.129Z
          Oh my
          There is a prob
            GeneralAAS32022-05-31 19:49:30.732Z
            Test Chat
            Test chat
              GeneralKM22022-05-27 16:26:32.297Z
              fdasfa fafafdsfasdfasdfasd
                GeneralF22022-05-18 15:01:11.386Z
                dsf asdfasdfas
                  GeneralF02022-05-18 05:56:17.719Z
                  Explain icons...
                  Affiliate Partnership Program ( ) Before I came across VOISER's Income Partnership Program as one of the largest profit-sharing income partnership programs in the world, I was a little noncommittal to try this product. H...
                    GeneralE02022-04-28 05:27:10.455Z
                    GeneralOKGOC82022-04-27 11:35:44.557Z
                    EOXS - "Where Steel meets Technology"
                    EOXS embodies the philosophy of “Steel Meeting Technology” giving steel business the boost it deserves. EOXS ERP's mission is to empower SMB enterprises on their journey to digital transformation. By delivering business solutions that explain complex...
                      GeneralE02022-04-24 20:27:55.048Z
                      Medical Laboratory Software
                      We Deliver Full Software Solution for Medical Laboratory Clinical information and data management system empowers any laboratory to do their best. By the use of standard workflow, optimized processes, impactful performance the patient care is improve...
                        GeneralS02022-04-09 10:09:57.698Z
                          GeneralO22022-04-06 12:24:10.033Z
                            GeneralN642022-03-31 16:24:24.995Z
                            Lets try it
                              GeneralH02022-03-30 14:48:50.823Z
                              A ∪ (B ∩ C) kümesinin eleman sayısı kaçtır?
                              Soru 19.Sınıf Kümelerde İşlemler Çözümlü Test Soruları A = {2, 3, 4, 5} B = {1, 3, 5, 6} C = {4, 5, 6, 7} A ∪ (B ∩ C) kümesinin eleman sayısı kaçtır? A) 4 B) 5 C) 6 D) 7 E) 8
                                GeneralM12022-03-29 05:24:49.023Z
                                  GeneralM02022-03-29 05:21:12.083Z
                                  türkiyenin başkenti neresi
                                  türkiyenin başkenti neresi
                                    GeneralM02022-03-28 02:35:42.361Z
                                    Africa Water Quality
                                    Gather information about water quality in Africa
                                      GeneralM202022-03-24 16:43:26.155Z
                                      GeneralA22022-02-27 18:12:20.502Z
                                        GeneralA12022-01-27 21:00:45.566Z
                                          GeneralG02022-01-26 06:11:28.751Z
                                            GeneralV02021-12-31 12:59:29.344Z
                                              GeneralV22021-12-31 12:49:14.038Z
                                              This is a test topic Hello there Formatting is available here Formatting is available here
                                                GeneralK2D12021-12-08 17:52:23.700Z
                                                Test channel
                                                Hala Madrid
                                                  GeneralK2D22021-12-08 17:50:03.393Z
                                                  testing fixed-width font and wide output
                                                  narrow 0000000 e20a e344 140b 20a6 29fa 93ab af68 2ec6 0000020 6a5f 56c2 6ac7 d968 4389 0c45 c37e 43ce 0000040 f32a 0fef 63b0 8eae b728 1a6a 5c80 0fec 0000060 b557 a177 a4a3 dd72 72e8 e1de f700 edd1 0000100 d747 b52e c26e 4ce2 8c51 6949 41d8 735a 000...
                                                    GeneralJA12021-11-14 12:57:44.966Z
                                                    test topic idea #0001
                                                    Heading Idea 1
                                                      GeneralV02021-10-27 08:53:38.992Z
                                                        GeneralD12021-10-20 00:11:56.370Z
                                                          GeneralD02021-10-20 00:11:25.787Z
                                                          Actually I want to create a direct message
                                                            GeneralR02021-10-10 21:09:49.427Z
                                                            you canyou canyou canyou canyou canyou canyou canyou canyou can
                                                            you canyou canyou canyou canyou canyou canyou canyou can
                                                              GeneralF22021-09-18 07:25:28.273Z
                                                              Test error description
                                                              Hi! dafdsfasdfasdfsdfasdfsdfaa sd asgadfs g sdf g sd fg sdf g sdfgsdfgsdfgdsf
                                                                GeneralO202021-09-08 08:10:30.114Z
                                                                Foo bar
                                                                  GeneralF02021-09-06 19:48:39.638Z
                                                                  How can I do this thing?
                                                                  I want to do that thing. How do I do it?
                                                                    GeneralK92021-08-31 12:00:13.050Z
                                                                    Green Buildings are one of the most promising initiatives in the sustainable environment movement. Although a lot is discussed in making, building operations more energy-efficient and reduce their carbon footprint, Indoor Air Quality, and Occupant Th...
                                                                      GeneralU12021-08-09 14:10:11.135Z
                                                                        GeneralO12021-08-08 18:48:54.327Z
                                                                          GeneralBFS12021-08-08 18:30:40.445Z