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Pilots should be able to work from home!

By tester123 @tester123
    2020-09-08 15:40:28.592Z

    this is just a test of a new idea

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    1. T
      tester123 @tester123
        2020-09-08 15:41:09.917Z

        this is a test reply, maybe we can consider this idea?

        1. K
          In reply totester123:
            2020-09-12 12:22:54.212Z

            They can fly remotely, via flight simulators.

            One person could fly many planes at the same time? It's the-most-important to be present when taking off and landing — they could switch to other planes, in the simulator, when not taking off or landing.

            Maybe there could even be something like tmux but for airplanes