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I can no longer work from home over VPN ?

I can no longer connect to our VPN server and work from home. Today the server suddenly asks me to run a 'Cisco Secure Desktop' trojan, and I've configured OpenConnect to do this (both via a GUI dialog, and the --csd-user command line option to openc...

GeneralMTYQG132020-05-02 20:47:07.598Z
How to fix NPE error

I am getting this NPE error, how to use it?

GeneralM2R22020-05-27 08:06:24.524Z
Automobile Industry

Audi Mercedes Benz Ferrari Range Rover

GeneralT02020-05-26 20:18:39.482Z


GeneralZ02020-04-21 02:32:49.675Z
test chat

this is a test chat

GeneralAJ22020-04-19 23:58:11.242Z
this is a test idea

this is a test idea

GeneralA02020-04-19 07:09:22.012Z
test problem

test problem

GeneralA12020-04-19 05:41:45.333Z
My son was sent home from sleepover, for bad behavior

I need some help with turning a very disappointing event into a learning opportunity. Last night my 9-year-old son was to spend the night with my neighbor's son, and the neighbor's girlfriend's kids. During the course of the evening my doorbell rings...

GeneralGRCDB402020-04-06 15:59:38.133Z
what is this


GeneralH02020-04-01 02:36:14.994Z


GeneralH02020-04-01 02:29:05.089Z
Explain icons...
Chat Lobby

this is cool

GeneralK12020-03-27 16:58:44.343Z
yoyo, idea here

it's a really good one

GeneralJ12020-03-27 16:45:13.949Z
The "Rules" of Writing

There are a lot of axioms that get tossed around in creative writing courses, books on writing, and of course, the internet. Often, these little gems are explained to new writers as though they were fact, to be taken for granted. Just as often, exper...

GeneralSJAKJ352020-03-27 16:43:46.613Z
Demo projects

It would be nice to have more demo projects

GeneralC02020-03-19 14:55:39.113Z
How do I get myself out of bed in the morning?

I find that I often wake up at a decent time, but don't get out of bed immediately. This results in me falling asleep again for another hour. This process might repeat itself once or twice, resulting in anywhere from 1 to 3 hours of extra unnecessary...

GeneralNNR2ME362020-03-05 16:04:01.988Z
Asking for help in IT in a senior position while keeping credibility

I am working in a senior position in an IT department. Having learnt a new technology recently and being quite experienced, I rarely, if ever, get stuck on programming matters. Lately, I have noticed a colleague who takes pride in his technical profi...

GeneralCDDPA332020-02-29 13:02:50.524Z
How to estimate how long an unfamiliar task will take?

Imagine you or your organization is going to do a project of a kind it's never done before. How can you estimate how long this will take? This page is mostly a copy of this question, license: CC BY-SA 3.0.

GeneralKCTDS132017-09-16 01:49:23.349Z