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I can no longer work from home over VPN ?
I can no longer connect to our VPN server and work from home. Today the server suddenly asks me to run a 'Cisco Secure Desktop' trojan, and I've configured OpenConnect to do this (both via a GUI dialog, and the --csd-user command line option to openc...
    GeneralMDATK362023-09-14 10:13:32.001Z
    I have a problem
    Introduction There is this situation The problem I don't know what to do
      GeneralTUKK102023-11-16 16:59:47.567Z
      môn dbi
      những khó khắn khi học môn dbi này
        GeneralT32023-09-29 01:11:34.364Z
        GeneralAK42023-09-13 22:15:10.861Z
        GeneralB12023-06-22 17:50:04.025Z
        GeneralB42023-06-22 17:49:40.293Z
          GeneralD02023-06-19 17:30:09.884Z
          GeneralV12023-06-08 22:11:16.126Z
            GeneralD12023-05-31 10:02:18.895Z
            Test 1234
            Hello everyone Look at this picture Thinking about change Heading Heading quoted text Heading hh
              GeneralA02023-05-16 09:21:20.552Z
              Explain icons...
              türkiyenin başkenti neresi
              türkiyenin başkenti neresi
                GeneralMM12023-05-08 13:56:58.358Z
                GeneralT12023-05-04 19:23:24.720Z
                What do you think?
                  GeneralGLJ22023-03-17 14:47:32.954Z
                  GeneralE12023-02-23 12:41:52.525Z
                  GeneralA212023-01-18 07:05:34.038Z
                  GeneralOKG2OA292023-01-18 07:04:53.889Z
                  **bold text preformatted text ** quoted text emphasized text What do you think?
                    GeneralA202023-01-18 06:45:37.675Z
                    GeneralA02022-11-22 10:58:33.219Z
                    test topic
                    this is my first discussion
                      GeneralR02022-11-18 09:09:45.949Z
                      Feature request - how does upvoting work?
                      Support extra cheese? Everyone likes cheese. There are no downsides. example of cheese: ______________________________________________¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ ___________________________________¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ __________________________¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶_...
                        GeneralMFKD252022-11-06 16:35:44.116Z
                        just a test how talkback looks like what features it provides how it is used.
                          GeneralD212022-11-06 16:31:30.513Z
                          Test Topic
                          Hello does this work?
                            GeneralMS22022-10-24 22:47:29.172Z
                              GeneralES22022-10-24 22:46:25.466Z
                              this is a qustion
                                GeneralK22022-07-19 17:38:01.888Z
                                Test question
                                Hello world This is a test
                                  GeneralK22022-07-19 17:30:12.151Z
                                  GeneralV02022-07-19 02:46:40.292Z
                                  GeneralG12022-07-13 20:08:15.485Z
                                  Test Topic
                                    General?22022-07-10 07:30:55.128Z
                                    Test Topic
                                      General?02022-07-10 07:29:17.394Z
                                      Test 1
                                        GeneralR12022-07-05 15:01:42.294Z
                                        How can I convert a number to a string
                                        I have this code but it doesn't work. const number = 10; const string = number.tostring();
                                          GeneralPJ32022-06-29 16:00:07.601Z
                                          Testing forum
                                          Hey hi... testing forum
                                            GeneralA12022-06-03 12:23:29.701Z
                                            GeneralG232022-06-02 18:59:26.107Z
                                            GeneralPG212022-06-02 18:58:08.129Z
                                            Oh my
                                            There is a prob
                                              GeneralA2AS32022-05-31 19:49:30.732Z
                                              Test Chat
                                              Test chat
                                                GeneralKM222022-05-27 16:26:32.297Z
                                                fdasfa fafafdsfasdfasdfasd
                                                  GeneralF22022-05-18 15:01:11.386Z
                                                  dsf asdfasdfas
                                                    GeneralF02022-05-18 05:56:17.719Z
                                                    Affiliate Partnership Program ( ) Before I came across VOISER's Income Partnership Program as one of the largest profit-sharing income partnership programs in the world, I was a little noncommittal to try this product. H...
                                                      GeneralE02022-04-28 05:27:10.455Z
                                                      EOXS - "Where Steel meets Technology"
                                                      EOXS embodies the philosophy of “Steel Meeting Technology” giving steel business the boost it deserves. EOXS ERP's mission is to empower SMB enterprises on their journey to digital transformation. By delivering business solutions that explain complex...
                                                        GeneralE02022-04-24 20:27:55.048Z