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By Daniel Inbaraj @danyinb
    2021-04-21 12:14:39.448Z

    Can some one explain how to embed the discussion module alone in application

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    1. D
      Daniel Inbaraj @danyinb
        2021-04-21 12:15:18.454Z

        Be kind to the others.

        1. Ggero meier @Gerom
            2021-04-25 20:46:47.547Z


            1. Ggero meier @Gerom
                2021-04-25 20:47:08.336Z


            2. G
              In reply todanyinb:
              gero meier @Gerom
                2021-04-25 20:46:03.559Z

                No, not really..

                1. I
                  In reply todanyinb:
                  ian kamau @iankamaa70
                    2021-07-29 00:12:31.962Z

                    Not all the time