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Has anyone tried the lost mary vapes?

By MediTalks @MediTalks
    2024-01-20 06:01:00.862Z

    I was looking at lost mary vapes online and found they had a disposable model in stock. It looks good to me and is ideal as it’s disposable. Has anyone had the opportunity to try it out? If so, what do you think? Any advice that you can give me is much appreciated; thank you!

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    1. @james
        2024-01-21 23:22:12.109Z

        I have used this lost mary vape myself; it’s decent. It gives good flavor and is easy to get strong, big puffs from. It’s pretty dainty, so it should fit in your pocket with no problem—one of the better models I have tried. Lost Mary vapes are pretty decent; not world-class or anything, but good and affordable.

        If you are on the fence, I recommend ordering and trying it out: they are great for giving you that mall, disposable, quick-hit fix.