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Testing user mentions

By Zach Greer @zagreer2019-05-17 22:04:12.012Z

@zgreer test this user mention

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  1. K
    @KajMagnus2019-05-18 19:14:37.626Z

    What do you think should / want-to happen, if you @mention yourself? (Currently I think you won't get any notification, if you mention yourself.)

    1. ZZach Greer @zagreer2019-05-18 23:33:52.298Z

      I was actually mentioning a second account (zgreer vs zagreer), just trying to see the general functionality of the mentions. We are exploring some options for an intranet forum at my company, and have some specific hopes in mind. Do users get an email when they are mentioned? I see settings for notifications in the profile menu, but I didnt seem to get any emails alongside my notifications on the site.

      Interestingly, though, I did get an email about your reply.

      1. K@KajMagnus2019-05-19 03:17:53.561Z2019-05-19 03:29:56.003Z

        Do users get an email when they are mentioned?

        Yes, and according to the server logs, an email was sent — maybe the email got classified as spam or something? (in the inbox)

        The logs: (with the email address removed)

        {"message":"s98: Email sent [TyMEMLSENT]: Email(3bvsd...,Notification,,Some(291),Some(Fri May 17 22:04:16 GMT 2019),Fri May 17 22:04:13 GMT 2019,[] You have replies to posts of yours,


        Dear zgreer,


        (If you want to reply, click the links below -- but don't reply to this email.)

        \n You have been mentioned, <a href="">here, on page "testing user mentions",\n in a post written by zagreer, on 2019-05-17:\n

        @zgreer test this user mention

        You get any emails now?: @zagreer and @zgreer

        Edit Now I emailed you at directly from my Gmail address — let's see if that email arrives? The email title is "Test email to zgreer from KajMagnus @ Talkyard via Googlemail".

        have some specific hopes in mind

        If you have time, it'd be interesting to hear what that is? And maybe especially if Talkyard is lacking some things you're hoping for?

        1. ZZach Greer @zagreer2019-05-19 05:36:13.622Z

          Sure thing! Ill check that other email when I get in to work on Monday. I did not recieve an email at the zagreer email regarding the user mention, but I did recieve an email about your reply to my post. Im not sure why I’m not seeing any user mention emails.

          Regarding specific things we are hoping for:
          It would be very nice you be able to assign user groups for some things. For example, say I have a code question for the front-end team: it would be nice to be able to ask a question in the front-end team section, or mention a user group (@front-end-devs or some such) so that only those users will get emails about the question. That way we dont have to worry about spamming people’s email with questions that are irrelevant to them.

          Additionally, is there any extra setup required to get emails working for an on-site installation, or will it work out of the box?

          Thanks for taking the time to answer all of this :)

          Edit: one other thing we would find very useful is code snippets in the text editor, something like Google Code Prettifier or other similar tools, so that we can see syntax hi-lighting in code. This one is a much lower priority but it would definitely be nice to have.

          1. K@KajMagnus2019-05-20 06:59:21.871Z

            User groups is what I'm working on right now, for the reasons you mentioned. (Thanks for the feedback.) And also so that the forum staff, can change preferences for everyone in a group at once (rather than having to micro manage each individual member).

            is there any extra setup required to get emails working for an on-site installation

            You need to configure SMTP server credentials (email server address, username, password). If you have your own email server already, you can use it. Otherwise, you can sign up for something like MailGun.

            Syntax highlighting: You can add that, via a <script> that loads Prism.js (or Highlight.js). Have a look here: (maybe I could clean up those instructions a bit)